REIKI II (Okuken)- Practitioner


        Level II is for those who which to practice healing upon             others and  animals. You are taught three symbols

and are shown how to use them. 

*One Reiki Attunement is given to Students. With an explanation as to

what and why it is used.


*Traditional hand positions are shown to students, together with opportunities to practise these on the course and at a Reiki Shares


                       *Students are given a Comprehensive Manual which covers:-                       The Power Symbol / The Mental and Emotional Symbol/The Distant Healing Symbol/Byosen Scanning and Beaming/Japanese Techniques/Reiki Field Cleansing/Reiki Energising/Reiki Chakra Energising/Treatment for Animals & Plants/Professional Code of Conduct/Client Contract & Records Form/Healing in Hospitals/ Eastern Japanese Style of Healing/ Western Reiki Lineage


*This course requires you to keep a diary of hours spent doing the course, treatments, homework and general Reiki Practice.


*Certificates will be given after completion of Course


Reiki II Course = £260 for 2 or more students


A deposit of £50.00 (Non refundable) will cover administration/manual costs

and secures place. Plus £30 to be paid at the beginning each session for 7 sessions

£330 for One to One = Deposit of £50

plus £40 for to be paid at the beginning each session for 7 sessions


The course which consists of two mornings, afternoons or evenings twice monthly for 7 sessions, (each session taking about 2 - 3 hours) with dates that can be adapted to suit students/teachers requirements.

All courses and workshops are held at Chatham Maritime

in Kent with beautiful views of the River Medway


Please contact Helen for Booking Forms and Dates for 2020


0798 007 3245