In Level III you are given the Master Symbol to give you empowerment and enlightenment and shown how to attune students wishing to learn Reiki.


*One Reiki Attunement is given to Students. With an explanation as to

what and why it is used.


*Traditional Attunements are given to students, together with the Master Symbol and how to do the Reiki Attunements for Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Master/Teacher


*Students are given a Comprehensive Manual which covers:-  Responsibilities/Microcosmic Orbit/The Master Symbol/Symbols there greater meaning/Tibetan Dai Ko Mio/Tibetan Fire Serpent/Reiju/How to give Attunements/Healing through the Holistic Spine and the Meridians


*This course requires you to keep a diary of hours spent doing the course, treatments, preparations of manuals for your own teaching, homework

and general Reiki Practice.


*Certificates will be given after completion of Course


Reiki III Course = £370.00 for 2 or more students

A deposit of £50.00 (Non refundable) will cover administration/manual costs

and secures place. Plus £40 to be paid at the beginning each session for 8 sessions

£450 for One to One = Deposit of £50

plus £50 for to be paid at the beginning each session for 8 sessions

The course will consist of two mornings, afternoons or evenings twice monthly for 8 sessions, (each session taking about 2.5 - 3.5 hours) with dates that can be adapted to suit students/teachers requirements.

All courses and workshops are held at Chatham Maritime

in Kent with beautiful views of the River Medway


Please contact Helen for a Booking Form and Dates for 2020


0798 007 3245