Psychic Art - Mediumship Reading

The Tree of Life readings are to give you guidance for your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Well-being. I start by asking you to choose a minimum of three colours. Each colour has its own meaning and energy vibration representing the Past, the Present and "What may be"

The Roots are linked to the Nourishment and Power for Life

The Trunk is linked to the Foundation of One's Strengths and Experiences

The Branches are linked to Reaching Out and Ambitions

The Leaves, Flowers and Fruits are linked to Change as with the seasons. "Are you at a time when you are flourishing, or at a time of rest?".

Each Healing Tree is always different as they are produced by melting wax, which creates it's own wonderful form of alchemy. This Alchemy allows the Spirit World to channel messages of guidance and most of all, for "Love".

Your unique Healing Tree will be mounted for you to take home

You are welcome to record and/or take notes of your readings

*Should you like your picture framed in top quality 

Aluminium Frame, you have a choice of Gold, Silver or Black at an extra cost of £25.00 each